Air Pollution Essay

Essay on Air Pollution in English



Air pollution is one of the major issues and biggest health hazard in the present era. It has become a major problem which needs to be addressed immediately and steps should be taken to prevent it before it causes more harm.


Air Pollution Essay


What is Air Pollution 

Air pollution is increase of toxic and harmful material in the air, resulting in contamination of air. This is mainly due to combustion of several fuels, such as coal, petrol, wood etc. Other factors which pollute the air are smoke from factories, vehicles, burning of trash etc.  

It results in harmful gases, smoke or dust entering into atmosphere and hinders the survival of all living beings. Air pollution has tremendous effects on atmosphere and lead to depletion of ozone layer, which leads to great amount of ultraviolet rays on earth causing harm to human beings. Air pollution also leads to acid rain which may corrode statues, damage crops, forests, lakes. The most harmful effect of air pollution is global warming, leading to increase in temperatures.

Causes of Air Pollution

There are many causes of air pollution, one of the biggest reason being smoke from factories and vehicles. Anything that involves burning, let it be household things of industrial chemicals, producing large amount of dust, all these lead to air pollution. Few years back, there were only factories which were to be blamed for polluting the air, but with the raising population and number of people using their own vehicles, we see so much traffic on the road, and these vehicle emit many harmful gasses which pollute the air so badly that it becomes difficult to breathe on the road.

Another reason for air pollution is power plants and industries. As the population increases more employment opportunities are to be increased, thus leading to more industries. These industries emit so much smoke that it pollutes the whole surrounding.

Burning of coal, fossil fuels, plastic and many other chemicals cause harmful air pollution.

The last and most important cause of air pollution is deforestation. With the increase in industries, population and demand for residential complexes and other buildings, deforestation has become a major norm. Trees absorb all the harmful air and give us fresh air in return. Cutting down these trees leads these harmful gasses to retain in atmosphere.

There are many other factors which contribute to air pollution such as burning of fire crackers, burning of trash, burning of crops, construction of building and roads leads dust particles in the air, garbage dumping at public places etc.

Effects of Air Pollution

Air pollution is leading to many health hazards in major cities of country. People are facing many health problems due to raising pollutants in air and due to lack of fresh and pure air. Some of the health issue are:

  • Respiratory problems such as dry cough, wheezing, sore throat, breathlessness.
  • Lung cancer, threat to lung functioning.
  • Heart diseases, asthma, headaches, eye irritation.
  • Premature birth or birth defects. Risk to pregnant women.
  • Skin disease or rashes.

Measures to Control Air Pollution

While government of each state is taking many different measures to tackle with air pollution, it is the responsibility of public also to do a bit from their side. Although it is not an issue which can be controlled overnight, but everyone should contribute their best to tackle the situation.

 Some of such measures are. Planting more trees, carpooling, which will reduce traffic on roads, control of burning activities in city limits especially near residential areas, doctors suggest to use a face mask to prevent any bad quality air from entering into the system.


Almost all the major cities in India are affected by air pollution leading to many health hazards in public. There have been many cases of death too, due to bad quality of breathing air.

Despite many restrictions, people do not pay much attention to it and continue doing what they do. This attitude should change among the public, else this will lead to very problematic situation and everyone will have to suffer in long run due to absence of fresh and pure air.

Public should be cautious of not polluting the atmosphere due to its negligence and control their activities such as vehicle emission, burning of trash and other things, burning of firecrackers etc. Government should take strict measures with respect to industries, construction activities etc.

Educating public about pollution and would help in reducing its effects to a great extent. The long term effects of pollution have to be borne by present and future generations, therefore, it is better to stand up against the issue and solve it, before it causes more damage to our planet earth and destroys it completely.

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