Environmental Pollution Essay

Environmental Pollution Essay in English


Environmental pollution means pollution of the environment. The environment gets polluted due to various reasons. The land, water, air and all other natural things consists of environment.

In the recent decades, all these natural things are highly polluted due to different human activities. Burning of fossil fuels, vehicle emission, deforestation, garbage dumping in rivers and oceans have led to polluting water and air in a very bad manner.

This pollution has resulted in more serious consequences such as global warming, depletion of natural resources, water scarcity, changes in temperatures, etc.

If this trend continues, there will be serious problems in coming times and nothing can be done to resolve it. With the technological and scientific advancements humans have destroyed the environment in different ways.

Knowingly or unknowingly, huge amount of damage has been done to mother nature which has disturbed the ecological balance of the environment.

There are different types of pollution in environment.

Air pollution is caused due to smoke and many other gasses in the air, this is mainly due to vehicle emission, burning of wood, fossil fuels, garbage etc in open space. Even construction activities and agricultural related activities such burning of crops cause huge amount of smoke in the air. T

The effects of air pollution is very disturbing. Pollution in the air has not only caused many respiratory problems or disease but is also leading to acid rains, global warming, ozone layer depletion etc.

Many plants and animals are dying due to lack of fresh air in the environment. Anther alarming issue is water pollution which is caused due to dumping of industrial or any other waste in the water bodies.

Water is the most important natural resource on earth, and this has been damaged badly by human activities.

Water pollution has caused proper and pure water scarcity for drinking and other purposes, this is also leading to many health problems. There are other types of pollution which are causing harm to environment such as noise pollution, soil pollution, light pollution etc.

There is an urgent need to control environmental pollution in order to have a balanced ecosystem. Environmental pollution is disturbing both humans, and other living species such as plants, animals and all other insects, etc.

There is lack of fresh and pure air to breathe water scarcity is a common phenomenon in the whole world. Climatic changes and global warming is arising issue worldwide. There are number of diseases which have increased in recent times due to pollution which is causing deaths in humans and animals.

Many trees and animals are becoming extinct due to the disturbances in environment as they are not able to cope up with the changes. Marine life is on a stake due the pollution caused in oceans and other water bodies.

Environmental pollution is one of the biggest blunder caused by human and its consequences are to be borne by generations to come.

It is high time that everyone should stand up against this problem and try to solve it as much as possible. There are many environmental concerns all over the world and it needs a joint effort to solve them.

There are many small steps which ca be taken, as the issue cannot be solved overnight. Measures such as organic farming without the use of pesticides or any other harmful chemicals, recycling the resources, keeping our surroundings clean.

Planting more plants and trees, avoiding dumping of garbage in water bodies, reducing plastic usage are some of the minor steps which will help in reducing the environmental pollution.

Proper rules and regulation by everyone and government agencies is necessary, educating people and spreading awareness is mandatory to every level in order to protect the environment.

Any natural resource when used negligently causes depletion or pollution. This will lead to decline in environmental quality and a tremendous loss to flora and fauna. It is the responsibility of each, and every individual to protect the environment from getting polluted and depleting.

As it is the environment which will lead us to a healthy life.


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