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Water is very essential for human life, we need water in every step of life, let it be for consumption, daily usage, building houses, manufacturing everything requires water. While the usage is at very large scale and with the expanding population and deforestation and climatic changes, water is becoming really scarce.

Human as well as animal life completely depends on water and it is our responsibility to save water for future generations and our easy survival. Water has become so scarce that even though it is a natural resource people are forced to buy water at high prices, which really bad and threatening issue.

Life without water cannot be imagined and is impossible to live. We see so many lakes and ponds drying up, ocean water is becoming polluted and impossible to use, even the life species underwater are dying because of the pollution levels in the water. Earth constitutes 71% of water and almost very high percentage of that has been wasted. We have wasted a huge amount of water without giving it a second thought and without thinking about future.

Conserving water needs immediate attention and has to be done immediately. Adequate measures should be taken by each and everyone in conserving and restoring the water. Methods like Rain water harvesting, Planting trees, protecting water bodies from pollution, use of new irrigation techniques, managing floods etc one can save water.

One of the most important of them is rain water harvesting, in our country there are plenty of rains and saving  this water is the best way. Many offices and building complexes have already taken this step and have designed the building in such a way that rain water is being saved and harvested, resulting in recycling of this water. This step should be taken by everyone, government must encourage everyone to implement Rain water harvesting methods.

Many western countries, recycle the water for daily usage, this is a great step in fighting water scarcity. This way, we are conserving the water and not wasting any water in any manner. Recycling the rain water, or water from lakes or other water bodies, is essential way of water conservation.

There are certain other steps which can be taken by every human being for conserving water. Methods such as , turning off the tap, when not in use especially during brushing teeth or taking bath, saving water from pollution or any kind of contamination, not throwing any garbage in water bodies, do not water your plants unless it is necessary, use sprinklers as they are effective way of watering plants rather than pipe, using washing machines and dishwashers in effective way, do not wash anything in running water instead use a bucket  or pot to clean or wash anything.

These are some of the ways in which every one can contribute in saving water in some or the other way. Apart from these many steps can be taken on large scale like cleaning of lakes and oceans or even a simple small pond, rain water harvesting, recycling of water, non polluting the water bodies would help to a large extent in saving and conserving water in the long run.

Water is not only essential for human beings but every living being on this planet earth. Many animals and birds die due to non availability of water, plants and trees become dry and fall or die, which result in other issues, even many human beings die due to scarcity of water and drought.

It is also necessary for biodiversity and maintaining food chain. contamination and polluting the water bodies is a common scenario these days everyone should be cautious and government should take necessary steps in stopping this activities. Water conservation is a very big and major step in protecting the life cycle on this earth.

There are many ways in which water can be saved and conserved, proper planning and implementation of said plans would help to large extend and save water for our and future generations before it become scarce and impossible to retrieve. One cannot imagine a day without water, it is the most essential natural resource for existence of human or any living life.

Each and every living being require water for survival and conserving water is conserving the life on this planet earth.


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Water is very essential for human life, we need water in every step of life, let it be for consumption, daily usage, building houses, manufacturing everything requires water.

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