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Farmer Essay & Paragraph


Farmer Essay & Paragraph in 10 lines


  • The farmer is the country’s economic backbone.
  • A farmer is someone who grows crops.
  • As agriculture is an important element of the country, so is the farmer.
  • Farmers are really hardworking people.
  • A farmer makes a significant economic contribution.
  • Farmer’s life is really difficult.
  • Farmers work hard to cultivate food, and we should all appreciate them for it.
  • Whether it’s a hot summer, rainy day, or a freezing winter, farmers never stop working.
  • The most difficult tasks are those of farmers, who sweat and produce food for us.
  • From sunrise until sunset, farmers may be seen labouring in their fields.


Farmer Essay & Paragraph in 200 words


India is a rural country. Agriculture is a significant source of income in this country. As a result, a farmer occupies a critical position in our society.

Our country’s backbone is the farmer. His character is marked by hard labour, patience, and honesty. They are an extremely valuable member of our society. For the sake of his people, they labour hard, sweat, and bleed.


For us to consume, they raise grains, vegetables, and fruits. They cultivate cotton, which is used to make clothing. They have a lot of work to do. They labour from early dawn till late at night. Their hard labour and open-air lifestyle help them grow stronger.

They lead a humble existence. They have extensive knowledge of the soil, seeds, manure, planting, watering, and harvesting.

For a long time, our government has worked to strengthen its sector. Several programmes have been created by the Indian government to help farmers. The Kishan Vikas Patra and Pardhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna are two of these programmes.

The farmer of today is literate. The farmer is respected by everybody. Farmers have established a separate social identity.

The farmer is specifically addressed as Anandata’s. The fact is that India’s farmers are the country’s backbone.


Farmer Essay & Paragraph in 500 words


Our society’s backbone is farmers. They are the ones that provide us with all of our meals. As a result, the country’s whole population is reliant on farmers. Whether it is the smallest or greatest country. Agriculture is the primary source of income for more than half of India’s population. Only because of them are we able to survive on this world. As a result, farmers are the most significant individuals on the planet. Farmers, despite their importance, do not have adequate living conditions.

A farmer’s day normally starts early in the morning with ploughing the field, which is usually done with the use of cattle or a tractor. He sows the seeds and guards the plants throughout time, depending on the season. He also ensures that they are properly nourished with water and fertilisers. Pesticides are also used by most farmers to protect their crops from pests. In farming methods, literacy has had a significant impact. Educated farmers have improved their practises and increased their yields.


Importance of farmers


Farmers are essential to the existence of our different communities because they give us with food and fibre to nourish and clothe us.

For over two-thirds of India’s employed class, agriculture is their only source of income. Farmers grow grains, pulses, and vegetables that everyone needs. They put forth a lot of effort to ensure that we have food to eat every day. As a result, we should appreciate the farmer every time we have a meal or eat food.

There are several types of farmers. And they’re all equally important. Farmers who cultivate wheat, barley, rice, and other grains are the first to come to mind. Wheat and rice are the most common foods consumed in Indian households. As a result, there is a lot of wheat and rice cultivation in farming. Second, there are those who grow fruits. These farmers must prepare the land for a variety of fruit crops. Because these fruits are seasonal, they grow at different times of the year. As a result, farmers must have extensive understanding of fruits and crops.


Farmer’s conditions in India


Poverty is a significant issue for Indian farmers. Many farmers cannot afford to feed their family two square meals a day, despite the fact that they produce food for the entire country. Farmers in India are in a vulnerable situation. Every week or month, we hear of farmer suicides. Furthermore, farmers have had a rough time in recent years. The issue is that they do not receive adequate payment. A farmer receives nothing in hand since the middleman receives the majority of the money. Furthermore, farmers are unable to send their children to school due to lack of money. Sometimes the condition deteriorates to the point where they are unable to eat properly. As a result, they make suicide attempts.

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