Essay on Diwali


The only thing that comes to our mind when we hear ‘Diwali’ is lights! The bursting of crackers, the earthen diyas, the twinkling lights says that Diwali is round the corner. Even the air smells of festivities. The night Jasmine flower blooms and gives everyone the feel of Diwali.

It is mostly celebrated during the autumn season. Diwali is one of the most beautiful festivals of India. It not only include lights and crackers but also certain Hindu rituals. It is most popularly known as the festival of lights!


Why We Celebrate Diwali ?


There are various mythological reasons as to why we celebrate Diwali. The most popular one is the homecoming of Lord Ram to Ayodhya. According to Ramayana, Lord Ram along with his wife Sita and brother Laxman were sent to exile for fourteen years. On this very day of Diwali, they returned back to Ayodhya after conquering Lanka and killing demon Ravana.

History has it that the whole Village of Ayodhya was lit with diyas on this occasion. It looked mesmerising. They sang and made merry. This trend was continued year after year and hence people light up their houses on Diwali. The festival gets its name Deepawali, or Diwali, from the rows of lamps that the people of Ayodhya lit to welcome their King.

One of the other important reasons for celebrating Diwali is that it is considered as the birthday of Goddess Laxmi. She is the Goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. Legends has it that she roams around Earth on this very day and enters those households which are clean and filled with lights. This is why people clean their houses and light it up on Diwali.

How we Celebrate Diwali?


Diwali is mostly celebrated with family and friends. A ritual ceremony takes place in the morning to praise the Gods. It is succeeded by a grand meal. Sweets are also an important part of this festival. Diwali also witnesses exchange of gifts among various family members and relatives.

It is a festival of happiness and the most happy ones seem to be the kids! They stay on top of the world during this festival. Most of their wishes are granted by their Parents on this very day! They often get new clothes as well as delicious food. Their joy doubles up when the relatives and cousins visit them and burn crackers with them.

Another reason for their happiness is the Diwali vacation. The schools remain closed and children are not forced to study during this festival. They can spend time with their loved ones. This is one of the most awaited vacations of the year!

Diwali spreads the message of love and happiness. It speaks about the victory of good over evil and light over darkness. It says that in the end truth always wins. Hence, we should always be in the honest path and stand by truth no matter what. We should celebrate this festival with a great zeal and also try to acquire the values behind it.

This Diwali let the light speak, not the crackers. Have a great and safe Diwali!