Essay On Mother’s Day


Mother’s day is celebrated on second Sunday of May every year. It is a day to celebrate motherhood and to honor mothers. From past few years it has become very popular culture to celebrate this day.

A mother is the most adorable person in the world, who loves her kids unconditionally, she does not expect anything in return. Therefore just to show our love towards her, we celebrate this day completely dedicated to her.

About Mothers Day

Mother’s day first originated in USA, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother in a church in Virginia. Her mother was an activist who cared for wounded soldiers. She also started health clubs to address public health issues.

To honor her mother and all the mothers in the world, who do more than anyone in this world, Mother’s day was started.

However, later Anna Jarvis, claimed that her opinion was misinterpreted and the occasion was commercialised more than the sentiments associated with it.

This day is celebrated in different countries on different days. Each and every mother is special and honourable. Mother does lot of sacrifices to bring up her child and make him a better person.

A mother works without any complaint and irritation, and efforts are never recognized. She plays very important role in the overall development of a person. She is our first teacher who, tell us what is good and bad.

Nowadays many schools are organising Mothers day celebrations. Kids are encouraged to make gifts or greeting cards for their mothers, even some cultural activities are organised to entertain mothers.

They conduct many activities where kids and mothers participate together, like painting, dancing, poetry recitation etc. Its really fun to watch all the mothers participating with their kids and enjoying the event.

Mothers day has become very commercial since past few years. There are so many gifts and offers which come up for mothers day. All the shopping malls and restaurants come with new offers to celebrate this day.

It is a day where we take time from our busy schedule and spend some time with our mother, help her in daily chores, talk to her, make her happy. And promise ourselves to love and respect her lifelong and never hurt her feelings in any way. 


A mothers contribution cannot be returned back in one day. She is the one who thinks about us and does everything for us lifelong. Her sacrifices cannot be counted, what ever she does, she gives her full efforts and never expects anything in return.

It is our duty to make her feel proud and take care of her, although she never wants to burden us with anything but we must take the responsibility and do everything possible that makes her happy.

A mother is like a light who burns herself to show us the light.

A person might be having many friends or many people in their life, but mother is the only person who cares and thinks about you always without any selfish needs. A mother never differentiates between her kids. For her all her kids are equal and she loves them all equally and unconditionally and wants best for all of them.

We must always love her not only on this day, but all our life and take care of her when she needs us.