My Father Essay in english

A father is always looked upon as a person who is very serious or very strict, the one who doesn’t have any soft attitude towards his kids.

But that’s not true, a father is a person who loves his kids just equal to mother, only his way of showing affection is different. My father is a perfect father. He seldom plays with us or cracks jokes & chat with us.

He is working hard for our future to give us the best life. He is very courageous and honest person and a man of principles. Though he had many opportunities to do many things out of the way, but he chose to be honest and simple and that is why he was respected among his friends and many other people.

He never used to talk a lot, but whenever he spoke it was very interesting hearing him, he would tell all the good things, how one should work hard and come up in life, value of hard work and education.

He would tell us how he struggled a lot during his youth and would always encourage us to walk on a straight path rather than fetching for shortcuts. He taught us to be independent, to do everything by our own, he always pushed us to to try everything and never get scared of anything.

Though we have some restrictions, but he never tries to dominate us in any way. He explains us about good and bad, right and wrong and gave us all the ethical values required in life.

My father takes tuitions for other students after his office hours but he never took any fees from them, saying he just wants to share his knowledge to students, especially to those,  whose parents cannot help them with their studies.

And his best reward was seeing his students excel in studies. He celebrates when his students get good marks and we will always have a small party at our home on that occasion.

He has complete faith in his children, but he made sure that we never go on a wrong path.

He always guides us whenever he felt that we are being confused or taking a wrong step.

He is looked upon with respect by his fellow colleagues and people working below him, and praised by his superiors.

He also got many awards in office for his work, dedication and performance. He was also very active participant in any cultural activities conducted by his office or in any nearby club. He was a spiritual man and believed in God and his powers.

My father made many sacrifices for us. We were not so well off during our childhood, but he made sure that we never suffered for anything. Though he did not buy everything we demanded, as he said, that value of things is understood only when you do not have it, and one cannot have everything in life.

But he never deprived us of necessities or didn’t back off to pay for education. I hardly saw him wearing new clothes for festivals or birthdays, but we always had new clothes for occasions, he had only one watch throughout his life, he never bought another one, saying it’s good until it tells me the correct time.

He lives on one philosophy that a man should strive to have necessities first and if he can afford luxuries its well and good, but don’t aim for luxuries depriving yourself for necessities.

He is a real gentleman and a man of principles and values. He is always there for us, whenever we need him, at the same time he also made sure that we don’t become too dependent on him and always walk holding his finger, he knew where to show love and where to be strict.

He is a friend, guide, philosopher and teacher. He is soft and strict and made us what we are today.

My father is my role model and we all want to be like him and make him proud.