Essay on My Mother

Essay on My Mother, My mother essay in English


Mother is the most beautiful gift by God. She always cares for her kids and loves them unconditionally. She is a true friend, guide and philosopher. There is no one like her.

She is the one who will gives us the best advice no matter what the situation is and teaches us the difference between good and bad, right and wrong. A mother no matter how educated or literate she is, she gives the best support and suggestion for her child. No matter what the situation is, she will be always beside us and would never let us feel lonely.

A mother herself always has many problems and issues in her life, but she will make sure that it never effects us and will never show her sorrow to us. It doesn’t matter how many kids a mother has, every kid is equally special for her, and loves them equally.

She never expects anything in return for all that she does. It sometimes happens that, we shout at her and talk rudely with her, but she doesn’t even feel bad or get angry and hold any grudges for this, she simply forgives us with a smile. Her affection is irreplaceable and genuine, no one can love you as your mother does. We should always understand her situation, like the way she understands our situation and help her.

One should never humiliate or disrespect their mother, after all she is the one who taught you all the things and there are certain things which she doesn’t know, we should try to help her out, this way she will feel very happy and proud of her kids. Never be ashamed of your mother and compare her with others, whatever she does, it is for us, she made many sacrifices, including her education and career for your sake, you should never make her feel embarrassed for anything, rather you should be proud of all that she does, and always be grateful to her. When she knows what you need and does all the things according to your requirements, you should also give her back in the same way. As kids we did lot of silly things and mother never humiliated or made fun of us, instead she taught us what is right way of doing things and helped us with it , she had always been patient with us and encouraged us, similarly at old age when she needs anything, we should also help and support her and not make fun of her for the things which she doesn’t know.

My mother’s day starts with doing daily household chores and taking care of her kids and family, she never gets tired and takes a day off. She is our first teacher who teaches us all the moral values. Our first experience with education started with our mother. A mother is the best doctor, she knows what is right and wrong for us and what is the best food or clothing for us. She knows when we are tired, when we are sick or when we are sad or happy, and provides the necessary support whenever needed. If a mother is strict it is the betterment of her kid, she doesn’t mean to hurt us or ill-treat us in any manner, it is because she wants us to become the best, she scolds us and threatens us sometimes.

We should feel bad or hold any grudges against our mother, every mother is different her way of showing affection is different, but it doesnt mean that there is any difference in her love, a mother’s love is universal no matter where and how it is. Any mother would always lover her child and want them to be the best of human beings.

We trouble her a lot and make her do many things, but she does all these without any hesitation or without any complaints. She never gets irritated or feels bad for doing anything for her kids, she does everything happily and whole heartedly. She never gets tired of doing any work or listening to your unending stories and problems.

She is the only person on earth who will never deny of you any help you need from her, no matter what time or circumstances are, she will be always ready to help you, and after all the sacrifices and hard-work, she will always teach us to respect others, but would never demand that respect from us. It is our duty to respect our mother and treat her in a best way.

We should never hurt our mother intentionally or unintentionally and should be never be ashamed of apologizing to her if we did any wrong. The only thing we can give our mother is love and respect, and always take care of her as she takes care of us, and make her proud and fulfill her dreams. A mother is the only person on this earth who will always pray for your betterment no matter how old you are and will always care for you.

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