Essay on Water Scarcity

Water Scarcity Essay in English

Our planet earth comprises of 71% of water, and a major amount of water is salty. Very small amount of water can be used for human consumption, and due to over expansion of population, commercialisation and industrialisation, even this fresh water supply has become limited.

Essay on Water Scarcity

Water scarcity is becoming an alarming issue day by day. Water is very essential for human life, we need water in every step of life, let it be for consumption, daily usage, building houses, manufacturing everything requires water.

While the usage is at very large scale and with the expanding population and deforestation and climatic changes, water is becoming really scarce. Human as well as animal life completely depends on water and it is our responsibility to save water for future generations and our easy survival.

Water has become so scarce that even though it is a natural resource people are forced to buy water at high prices, which really bad and threatening issue.. This is due to deforestation, pollution, and over population. The demand for water is more than expected and supply is less.

Due to cutting of trees and plants there have been many climatic changes and water is evaporating with no rains for further supply of water on land. Nothing on this earth can survive without water, human beings, animals, birds, plants and trees everything need water for their survival.

This is an alarming issue, as if this continues, soon there will be dearth of water that people have to search for a drop of water. As of now, even with plenty of water bodies around us, we have buy water for daily consumption and there regular and daily  activities.

At some point of time, even these buying water will become scarce.

Pollution and throwing toxic waste into water bodies is another major issue, due to which people are unable to utilize the water for their use or consumption. Clean and safe water is becoming scarce day by day.

In coming years we may have to face lot of difficulties due to this. In parts of the country, people travel miles to collect water for their consumption. People there die due to non availability of water and drought.

Supply of fresh water is decreasing fast day by day. Lack of safe and clean water is a big problem and cannot be ignored. One cannot imagine their life without water, we need water everyday and every step of life.

Different steps and initiative have to be taken for water conservation like rain water harvesting, which is a method of collecting rain water and recycling and utilising it. Recycling the water, recycling the water from lakes, ponds and rivers or recycling the normal usage water is another method of saving water.

Apart form these, many things can be done by normal public like using water sparingly, not using or wasting much water on daily basis. Teaching future generations to respect and usage of water. Not throwing toxic waste and garbage materials into rivers or oceans is the most important thing to be done, for saving the water.

Paying a price for water may be beneficial for some people in society, but those who cannot afford it have to suffer due to shortage of water. Shortage of water is becoming more and more serious than predicted by scientists and experts. Proper and efficient water management is necessary and much needed. Different types of programs and laws are to be implemented for protecting water and conserving it.

While, water is natural resource and everyone on this earth have right to use water and consume, it for their daily purposes, therefore restricting it to certain group of society is harmful and unethical thing.

Government authorities and many NGOs have been taking many steps to save the water, but these steps are not enough and are not providing the solution. Each and everyone should be cautious while utilising water.

Every drop of water is precious

If we do not use the water carefully, there will be a day when, we have to suffer for little amount of water. Water is the most expensive gift given by God, one should respect it and use it efficiently in order to maintain ecological balance and happy and healthy life on this planet.

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