Recycling Essay in English


Recycling is simply known as turning old materials into new. This is a way to decrease waste and protect the environment. Products such as plastic, paper, aluminium, steel etc are being recycled and utilised again for other uses. There are many advantages of recycling.






It is cost effective as it reduces the expense of production of new products’ overtime. Recycling is good for environment and it reduces wastage and dumping of product overtime. We see so many plastic, electronic and paper waste dumped everywhere.

These are difficult to decompose or dispose on their own. So, they remain like that for years and eventually cause harm to the soil or air in some or the other way.

Instead, if we recycle such things, it will be useful in producing a new product and also be an environmental friendly. This will also reduce production of more and more plastic and paper overtime. As the manufacture of plastic and paper are not so environmental friendly.




Recycling is not a new concept. In olden days, people used to recycle pots and pans made of mud or metals. With the invention plastic, the concept of recycling is reduced. But it is a good and better option to recycle plastic.

Aluminium products were recycled to create utensils or other decorative items. Recycling helps in reducing environmental issues. By recycling paper, we reduce the deforestation and cutting of more trees.

Plastic products recycle is very important and best way to protect environment, as plastic does not dispose off on its own and remain in the environment like that for many years. By recycling plastic we are saving our soil and water by dump of plastic products, also the chemicals used for production of plastic is being reduced.

This is also cost effective as it becomes easy to produce a new product by just melting the existing the old produced, instead of carrying the whole manufacture process again. Similarly glass, steel, clothes, etc can be recycled easily and reused in different ways.




Recycle is a way of reducing pollution and gobble warming. It saves energy and money, it saves our planet earth and reduce landfills with various products which are harmful for nature. These products remain on the surface of earth and sometimes go away with wind to different places and spoil the soil and water around it.

Sometimes they decompose, decay and rot like that, causing the quality of air to deteriorate. These damage the equality of air and environment and release many harmful gasses, which are injurious to health of all lying beings.

Many animals consume these waste products, and die due to many health shards or choking. Moreover, this dumping becomes a breeding palace for many mosquitoes and insects which spread all types of diseases.




Although, there have been many awareness programs for recycling, people don’t recycle as there are no proper channels of recycling, people need to drop in to a recycle center or scrap dealer to recycle the products.

Instead it would be better if they have recycled bins at every palace or community, so that it becomes easy for everyone to just leave their water products there to be recycled by some authority.

Also, many people do not differentiate between a recyclable and non recyclable product which prevents them from dumping the products. Last but not the least, people feel recycle doesn’t make any difference. People are not aware of cost, labor and method involved in producing a new product and recycling the same product. It is necessary to educate people more about recycling, and show them practically how recycling is beneficial.




Recycling can be done at home by purchasing products that are easy recyclable or eco friendly products. Recycling is a good initiative to start in schools, offices by educating kids and people around them.

Recycling can prevent many environmental hazards and protect our planet by many threats. Global warming issue can be solved to great extent if we stop dumping the waste and recycle it for further use.

However, there are certain items such as batteries or any electronic products which cannot be recycled as they contain toxic material. They must be disposed off, but in responsible way.

But the products which cabin be recycled must be utilised properly, to save the natural resources. It prevents pollution and saves many species, animals and humans from many health issues.

It is our responsibility to be aware of recycling and recycle the products to save our planet and prevent it from polluting.

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