Solution of Global Warming Essay in English

Global warming is a raising issue these days. Global warming refers to change in temperatures of atmosphere causing negative climatic changes.

This rise in temperature is due to industrialisation, burning of fossil fuel, pollution etc. Global warming is caused by both natural and man-made causes. Natural causes such as volcanic eruptions, natural rotation of sun, natural gas, methane etc.

Man-made cause are industrial pollution, vehicle pollution, burning of fossil fuels, wood, mining, deforestation etc. Due to global warming greenhouse gases stay in the atmosphere and cause serious threat to the earth’s surface. There are many adverse effects of global warming, if this trend continues.

Melting of polar ice caps, hurricanes, droughts, and other natural disasters. Another serious consequence of global warming is loss of habitat, many animals are becoming extinct as they are not able to cope up with the effect of climatic changes.

Global warming needs to be controlled as it will lead to serious consequences effecting the whole ecological balance, and living species. Many people are not aware about the global warming issue, and its consequences. Everyone should be made aware of it and steps should be taken to control it.

Many government agencies and other NGOs are trying their best to stop the global warming issue. We have seen that in recent years temperatures have become very unpredictable, there has been increase in heat and hot temperatures, winter season has become short, unexpected rains and floods and hurricanes, earthquakes have increased.

Even there is a shortage of food supply as there is scarcity of water and proper soil. There has been rise in sea levels which is causing danger to many animals and their survival. Air quality has deteriorated badly due to which many plants and animals are dying, even humans are being effected with many respiratory diseases and other health issues.

There are many ways to control the global warming, and it is the responsibility of humans to control it and save our planet. The first and foremost solution is to control pollution caused due to industrial smoke and vehicle emission.

With the advancement in technology and raising pollution more and more industries are being set up which release very harmful gasses and chemicals in the atmosphere, there should be proper control on the smoke coming out of the industries.

Vehicle pollution is arising at a rapid level, there should be proper check on the vehicle emission, car polling, using fewer vehicles on roads, try to avoid usage of vehicles as much as possible or utilising public transport would lead to fewer vehicles on roads and in return would stop the pollution.

Another solution is stopping burning of wood, fossil fuels, etc which release different gasses and harmful chemical in the air. Control on deforestation, planting more and more trees would help in pure air in the environment; recycling of plastic, steel and aluminium would avoid dumping of garbage and improve the quality of air and soil.

Apart from these, there are other small things which can be done, such as using non biodegradable products, switching of electric appliances or fans, lights, etc when not in use, saving water and other natural resources, avoiding dumping of garbage at different places, disposing off the garbage properly, avoiding fertilisers and any other chemicals which are harmful for any of the natural resource like water, soil etc are necessary to stop global warming at small levels.

Current levels of global warming is dangerous, and is likely to increase in future if proper care is not taken by everyone. Nothing can be done about the natural causes of global warming, but controlling the human causes are in the hands of every individual. By preventing global warming, we are protecting our planet and saving the ecology from becoming extinct.

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