Essay on Yoga in English for School kids & Children

Essay on Yoga in English

Yoga is the most ancient practice of Indian culture for developing mental and physical stamina and balancing connection between mind and body. It is a natural way to keep us fit and active, and is perfectly safe for all age groups.

It not only helps us to stay healthy and slim, but also freshens our mind and keep us active throughout the day. Practicing it on daily basis, helps in a connection between mind, body and soul and provides inner peace and keeps us protected from many diseases and unhealthy lifestyle. Yoga improves concentration, gives physical strength and fitness, keeps us peaceful and calm.

  yoga essay in english

It brings emotional steadiness and sharpens intellect. Yoga is a safer method towards a healthy life, rather than harsh exercises and rigorous diets. Practicing yoga regularly will keep us away from all the problems both physical and mental.

Yoga was derived in India thousands of years ago and was practiced by many saints for attaining peace and relieving them from worldly pleasures and helped them stay fit and strong in extreme conditions.

The best time to practice yoga is early morning. This is the time when we are fresh and our body has had a good rest all night. Practicing early morning yoga will help us stay active and fresh whole day, and helps us with a peaceful mind to face a hectic day ahead.

It helps us keep away many mental as well as physical ailments. Yoga is beneficial in reliving stress by connecting to inner peace. It is considered as a perfect balance of body, mind and soul. It improves your sense of power and is a perfect therapy for all the worries.

Yoga also helps making your body flexible and slim. Practicing Asanas such as Kapala Bhati, Pranayayam, Surya Namaskar helps us stay in shape and gives us a perfect health. These aasana or postures also help in enriching the blood with oxygen and gives peace of mind.

Meditating early in the morning or even in the evening time relieves you from stress and all your worries from a hectic day. Practicing yoga along with a healthy food habits and well-nourished diet protects us from all the diseases and ailments and helps us stay healthy and longer.

Exercise helps you stay fit and in shape, but yoga along with fitness helps in you mental and psychological fitness too. It effects all your body parts right from head to toe, eyes, hair, nervous system, digestion everything is benefited through yoga.

To promote the popularity of Yoga, idea of a spreading awareness about Yoga and benefits on the lives of human beings, International Yoga Day was started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi since the year 2015.

Almost 170 countries supported the idea of International Yoga Day in United nations and every year in June, this day is being observed in India and abroad.

Many prominent personalities from all over the world participate in this day and practice yoga to make it successful and world famous.

The concept of International Yoga Day is to spread awareness of Yoga and its benefits and  also strengthen global bonds in a healthy way. Many schools and colleges also celebrate International yoga day by organizing various yoga camps competitions etc.

Yoga is not more than staying slim and toning muscles, it has many benefits like stress relief, reduce diseases, relaxation, discipline, promote coordination between mind and body thus providing a better mental and physical health.

Even pregnant women practice yoga for a good health and staying away from negative thoughts and promoting a better and healthy baby. Schools and colleges must have yoga class in their curriculum, which would help students to concentrate better on studies and would relieve them from stress of hectic schedule and also help them stay fit, instead of sitting in classroom for a whole day.

Many MNCs have already initiated Yoga in their office campus to help employees relieves from stress and other ailments such a back pain, shoulder pain which generally occur from sitting in front of computer for long time.

Yoga is also a way of connecting to nature. Many countries around the world have adopted this yoga and have started practicing this amazing and ancient  technique in their daily life. It is matter of proud for Indians that we are able to share our rich heritage of yoga with everyone around the world through this day, and let everyone reap the benefits of Yoga.

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