Essay on Deforestation in English

Deforestation is the most significant social and environmental issue these days. Deforestation refers to the cutting of trees on a large scale, burning the tress or any forest area for commercial purpose.

It is very hard to imagine the world without trees and plants. Forests play an important role in our atmosphere, they not only provide us with a clean air, but also have many medicinal values, they are of great importance for all the living beings on this planet. Forests play a major role in balancing the environment and human life.

Deforestation is leading to many dangers for wildlife, human and environment. Many animals have lost their home, there are so many climatic and environmental changes seasonal changes, etc due to deforestation. Cutting down of trees is becoming a major cause of natural deficiencies and environmental hazard.

It cannot be ruled out that trees are required for many other activities and commercial uses, but there should be compensation for all the loss done. There should be proper plan and guidelines in which cutting of trees have to be carried out, in order to maintain the balance between reduction and plantation.

The main reason for deforestation is raising population and necessity of residential and commercial areas. As the population increases demand for residential and commercial building increases, urbanization, demand for furniture, wood etc increases.

Exploding population demands more land to live and for agricultural and commercial purposes. Therefore, deforestation is increasing rapidly to meet the needs of human beings, and it is effecting human lives in a negative way.

Although it cannot be stopped as the demand has to be met by all means. It is also important to plant new trees as and when a tree is destroyed.

There should be proper and strict regulations to check on deforestation and planting of new tress. As the technology improves we are becoming more selfish and diminishing the natural resources.

Wood has been of great importance in human lives, in olden days people used wood for various purposes like building houses, manufacturing ships, paper, etc. Trees are considered as an important part of forests as well as human lives.

Forests or trees play a major role in atmosphere. They help in regulating water cycle and are essential for rainfalls, prevent soil erosion, provide oxygen, regulate temperatures, habitats for many animals and many more.

Rapid deforestation is leading to many environmental changes, increasing global warming, droughts, increasing temperatures, replenishing ozone layer, increasing pollution and leading to many harmful gasses in the atmosphere.

Trees are the best medium to reduce levels of carbon dioxide and produce fresh and pure air in the environment, but by cutting them, we are at the risk of more polluted and harmful air.

Deforestation is leading to many negative effects on living beings and environment which cannot be fixed by any other means.

Absence of trees is also leading to water scarcity, as there is no proper water cycle, and therefore, no proper rains, this has also led to tremendous heat and rising temperatures in the atmosphere.

Rising pollution levels and smog has lead to many health issues in city and urban areas. People are suffering due to absence of pure air. Deforestation is causing extinction of many species of plants and animals, the habitat of many animals have been taken away due to the cutting down of forests.

We should try to avoid using wood products as much as possible. Instead of using papers like tissues, paper plates, etc, we must try to use recyclable products or use any other product which need not be disposed off easily.

It is high time to reuse and recycle papers as much as possible. Government should take proper steps in regulating construction activities especially in city outskirts, where there are plenty of trees, planting of new tress must be encouraged by every one in schools, colleges offices.

It is very important to stop deforestation so as to have a healthy and balanced environment and to provide a natural habitat for many wild animals. Trees are also important for a healthy lifestyle as they provide fresh air which is mandatory for human beings.

It is very hard to imagine life on planet earth without trees, it becomes very difficult and scary to survive and breathe. There will be nothing to protect us from scorching heat and harmful gasses in the air. Saving our forest and its resources is in our hands, and we all must pledge to protect them for our well-being and for generations to come.

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