Essay on Save Water Save Life in English for School Kids & Students

Save Water Save Life Essay

Water is very essential for human life. We need water in every step of life, let it be for consumption, daily usage, building houses, manufacturing everything requires water. In the Save Water Save Life Essay, we are going to share every related information.

While the usage is at very large scale and with the expanding population and deforestation and climatic changes, water is becoming really scarce. Water being natural resource is becoming scarce and is very serious alarming issue.

Human as well as animal life completely depends on water and it is our responsibility to save water for future generations and our easy survival. Water has become so scarce that even though it is a natural resource people are forced to buy water at high prices, which really bad and threatening issue.

Availability of safe drinking water is a major concern and it is necessary to conserve this water for better growth and survival.

Saving water is essential to save the life on planet, all the trees and plants, animals, birds, human beings every living being on his earth need water for their existence. Efficient water management is very important.


Everyday we keep hearing about many lives lost due to water scarcity and non availability of proper of drinking water. The ultimate responsibility lies with human beings and they are the only who can save water in an efficient way.

Most water wastage and consumption is done by humans only. So this issue can be solved with proper human intervention and management.

Less wastage of water, not polluting the existing water bodies like ponds, rivers and lakes, cleaning them every now and then for proper usage, recycling the water, rain water harvesting are some of the essential steps to be taken to protect and save water on this earth.

Almost 71% of earth is water and major percent is salty water only 1% is fresh water and this is diminishing slowly due to over usage and high demand. We can see in many cities that water is bought at high prices for daily consumption and usage.

To save water is equal to saving lives. It is impossible to even imagine human or any existence without water. In many parts of the world, people get different types of diseases and die due to thirsts or non availability of fresh water.

Thousand birds and animals die every year in summers as all the lakes and ponds get dried up due to tremendous heat. If we do not use the water carefully, there will be a day when we have to suffer for little amount of water, thus keeping our existence at stake.

Government authorities and many NGOs have been taking many steps to save the water, but these steps are not enough and are not providing the solution. Each and everyone should be cautious while utilising water. Every drop of water is precious, and people should be aware of this fact and manage accordingly.

There are many ways in which water can be saved and conserved, proper planning and implementation of said plans would help a lot in conserving this amazing resource.

No on on this earth can survive without water. Human beings, animals, birds, plants and trees everything need water for their survival.

Each and every living being require water for survival and conserving water is conserving the life on this planet earth.

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