Global Warming Causes and Effect Essay in English


Global warming is referred to as the climate change that has increased average temperatures of earth. Global warming is a serious issue and has caused a number of other environmental issues, which has caused tremendous change in the climate in the past few years.

This change is effecting our environment and health in a negative way. Global warming creates many problems in our lives.

It can cause severe weather conditions, unexpected and nonseasonal rains, acid rain, droughts, tsunamis, etc. There are a lot of debates to know the cause of global warming and it has been known that it is caused due to natural and man-made causes.

Different types of measures are been taken to reduce global warming in every possible way and to protect the ecological balance of planet. The increasing effects of global warming may affect the existence of life on earth.


Causes of global warming


Global warming is caused due to several reasons. They can be natural or man-made. The climate of the earth has been changing since centuries.

One of the top causes of global warming is green house effect. The greenhouse gasses such as carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide gets trapped in the solar heat rays and prevent it from escaping the surface of earth leading to increase in temperature.

Another natural cause of global warming is volcanic eruptions as they release carbon dioxide and ash to atmosphere. As the carbon dioxide increases, the temperature also increases.

Methane which is being released as a result of cattle grazing, fertilisers, coal mining or natural gas is also one of the reason for global warming.

There are many man made causes of global warming. The technological advancements and rising population is adding more problem.

The main cause is deforestation. With increasing urbanisation and increase in needs of humans, cutting of trees have become major norm, due to which many harmful gasses remain in the atmosphere which were earlier absorbed by the trees.

Soil erosion, effect on water cycle, water scarcity are some of the effects of deforestation.

Another cause is pollution. Air pollution caused by vehicle emission, industrial waste, burning of fossil fuels is damaging the quality of air making it impossible to breathe.

Garbage dumping, industrial waste are the reasons for water pollution.

There are other types of pollution caused by human activities which disturb the ecological balance of earth. There are many other human activities which are leading to global warming such as mining, use of fertilisers, gasses used in industries, refrigerators, burning of wood or any other material like plastic, petrol etc result in very harmful effects to environment, thus leading to global warming.


Effects of Global warming


Effects of global warming can be easily seen with the climatic changes,

It has been observed that climate and temperature has changed tremendously in some years. The summers heat has become unbearable and winters are decreasing slowly. There have been droughts or floods at a rapid rate.

The pollution has increased so much that it has become difficult to breathe. There have been many instances of breathing problems, asthma, lung diseases due to bad quality of air.

Water scarcity and good quality of water is a major concern all around the world. Many species of animals, flora and fauna has been effected and lost their habitats.

Many animals died because they could not cope up with the changes in temperatures.

It has been noted that the polar ice caps are melting slowly which leads to rise in sea levels. This may affect many areas which are beside the sea.

This also leads to floods, hurricanes etc. Global warming is increasing the risk of acid rains and harmful chemicals in oceans and other water bodies. This is very dangerous for marine life and the areas covering the water bodies.

Many sea animals are dying because of this reason. There will be dearth of food and water slowly. Many extreme natural events may occur such as droughts, tsunamis, fire, hurricanes, etc. as a result of global warming.


Global warming is a rising and alarming issue and should not be ignored as this may lead to destruction of life on earth and also lead to disastrous consequences everywhere.

However, much cannot be done to natural causes or to stop it, but it is in the hands of human to control their destructive activities, so as to control the effects of global warming and protect our planet earth.

Many human activities have to be controlled and stopped to protect the ecological balance on earth and environment.

Burning of garbage, plastic, wood and fossil fuels should be stopped and controlled to maximum extent possible, planting of new trees it of utmost important, saving electricity, water and other natural resources is necessary.

All these activities would help in some way or the other to protect our nature and prevent many disasters. Therefore, it is in the hands of humans to control global warming and protect our nature from destruction.

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