Essay & Paragraph on AIDS in English for School Kids & Children | AIDS Essay & Paragraph

Essay & Paragraph on AIDS


AIDS or HIV/AIDS, Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection or Acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome, is common and most dreaded disease of human immune system. This is caused by a virus which is known as Human immunodeficiency virus and reduction of certain cells which are helpful for human immune system.

For a person infected with HIV, the virus enters into blood and multiplies, especially in white blood cells. This is impacted so dangerously that human body becomes more attractive to many other disease and infections. And the infection in an advanced stage is called as AIDS.

This is chronic and life threatening disease. So far there is no proper treatment, which can cure AIDS completely. There are vaccinations to prevent it, but are not so successful. Only newborn babies or are at a safe level as of now.

A human can get infected to HIV by many reasons. Some of them are, contaminated razor or needle, transfusion of HIV effected blood, sexually transmitted diseases, breast milk of mother who is suffering from AIDS.

Taking preventive measures is the best way to stay away from this disease. The most important thing is to be careful while transfusion of blood, whenever there is blood transfusion, one should make sure that the blood is not infected with HIV, also the syringes must be non-disposable and the syringe is not exposed to HIV.

The signs and symptoms of HIV/AIDS can be fever, chills, itchy rash, recurring fever, cold cough or diarrhoea. In extreme cases, weight loss, pneumonia, infection in bone marrow, weakness etc. can be certain symptoms of AIDS.

It is not a communicable or infectious disease, and one who is infected with AIDS should not be treated as untouchable, or treated badly. It does not spread by touching, shaking hands or using same towels or combs etc. One should not shy away due to AIDS and get proper treatment and can walk freely like others.

AIDS was first noticed in USA in 1981, and in 1986 in India. The virus of AIDS was named as Human immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), in 1986 by International Committee on Viral Nomenclature.


Preventive measures for AIDS can be listed as follows

  • take vaccinations from authorized physicians and in a proper health care center
  • avoid foods that are contaminated like unpasteurized diary, uncooked eggs,
  • drink a proper and clean water
  • do not consume water directly form lake, river or tap,
  • ask your physician or healthcare to use sterilised equipment
  • use clean blades and razors at a barbers shop or carry your own if you are not sure.

As on date there is no effective treatment or vaccines for HIV, but medical specialists are trying there best to prevent it from occurring especially for small kids and pregnant women.

A women carrying a child is more prone to pass it to her kid. There fore necessary steps are taken to prevent the child form suffering and also proper treatment is given to kid after the birth.

However, AIDS is a life threatening disease which has killed many people including small kids especially newly born kids. No one knows how and where it started. It is a preventable disease, if everyone is given proper knowledge and education about it.

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