Essay & Paragraph on Republic Day in English for School Kids & Children

Essay & Paragraph on Republic Day


Introduction Essay & Paragraph

Republic day of India celebrations are held on 26th January every year. It was on this day in the year 1950, when India became a Sovereign Democratic Republic and got its constitution.

After India got its Independence on 15th August’1947, the drafting committee was on the task of planning a permanent constitution. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was the chairman of the drafting committee and he took the responsibility of submitting the constitution of India.

He is known as The Father of Indian Constitution. He submitted the Constitution on 4th November 1947, but it was fully enforced on 26th January 1950 and India was declared “Purna Swaraj”. It is celebrated as a national festival and this day is declared as a national holiday.

Republic day celebrations are held all over the country on this day, by hoisting our national flag and singing national anthem and other patriotic songs. Republic day is celebrated in a grand way in Delhi. A parade is organized from Rajpath to Red fort and huge number of people come to see the parade.

Indian Army, Navy and Air-force march past in this parade and salute the President of India and they demonstrate their guns and tanks, with bands and playing instruments. After that flower showering from airplanes takes place showing the National Flags.

The entire route is decorated and all the possible security arrangements are made. It is really a treat to watch all these people marching in a synchronized manner. After the march past all the states cultural activities (jhankis)are being presented by the participants, folk dances and drills are performed representing the culture and heritage of different states in India.

Some schools also take part in these colorful activities. Many foreign Prime Ministers are also invited to join this event. Some of the military and Army people are being awarded and honoured at this event. Balloons in the color of National Flags are also released in the sky and is a beautiful view.

Although Indian Republic Day is a national holiday, all the schools and colleges gather to celebrate this day in their campus, for which preparations start from a month. Flag hoisting along with cultural activities and parades are organized in all the educational institutions and in some Government offices too.

Sweets and awards are distributed on this day to everyone. In schools and colleges students are being awarded for their performance in the field of academics, sports etc. All the places are decorated with National flags and balloons.


Conclusion on Republic Day Essay & Paragraph


Republic day of India is a national event and on this day our country was declared Independent Republic. Apart from being a holiday and a day of celebrations, this day is to remember all our national heroes who fought for independence of the country and their sacrifices. This is a day of nationalism and patriotism.

The sound of National Anthem and patriotic songs brings goosebumps ti every citizen of the country and makes them feel proud of their country and its rich heritage.

It is our duty to safeguard the constitution of the country and maintain peace and harmony in the country and strive hard to make our country shine in the world. We should strive to become good citizens of India, treat everyone equally irrespective of their caste, creed or religion and let the dreams of national heroes come true.

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