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Essay on Cancer

Cancer is the most commonly heard word nowadays. It is caused due to excessive growth of cells in a certain area of body and can be detected and cured at an early stage.

There are many types of cancers that effect our body parts. It can grow in any part of the body and is non infectious and non-communicable disease. Thousands of people are affected by cancer every year and it is because many of them are not aware of the symptoms and it is detected late. Medical professionals are trying to find cure for this deadly disease. The pain associated with disease is tremendous and so is the treatments.

Cancer generally occurs where some of the cells in body divide abnormally at a faster rate and form a lump. These abnormal cells slowly destroy the part of the body where it grew and then effects the whole body. The cells absorb all the nutrients and food required for the body making a person weak and thin. A person loses lot of weight due to cancer and ultimately loses the battle of life. It is essential that one should be alert and do not ignore any symptoms.

Some of the symptoms of cancer are

  • unusual weight loss without any dietary changes or change in lifestyle
  • prolonged indigestion or difficulty in swallowing
  • feeling fatigued for no reason or for even small activities
  • unusual bleeding
  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • pain or blood while stools or urine
  • any kind of prolonged sores on skin or any part of body
  • cough that continues for along period with flem or shortness of breath.

Cancer, like skin cancer or lung cancer are easy to detect because of there symptoms, while other types can be detected but sometimes they are detected late than normal which cause trouble at a later stage. Your doctor may conduct series of various tests and diagnosis to confirm the situation and act accordingly.

Well cancer cells just grow inside the blood vessels of a particular area of body and spread rapidly. The cells are carried through blood to other parts of body. These can also spread from tissues to tissues.


Our body cells are designed in way that they know when to divide and when to stop, but these cancerous cells do not have any control and grow uncontrollably. While there are many ways to treat the cancer such as surgery where infected part of the body is removed, chemotherapy where string chemicals are used to kill the deadly cells and radiotherapy in which affected cells are radiated to kill the cells and stop them from dividing or spreading.

There are many types of cancers such as skin cancer due to over exposure to sun, lung cancer caused due to alcohol, smoking, prolonged cough or chest pain should not be avoided, breast cancer which occurs mainly in women, prostrate cancer, Kidney cancer, colorectal cancer, leukemia, bladder cancer etc.

Apart from medical treatments one can take some steps to prevent cancer from attacking your body.

  • preventive measures like
  • having plenty of water
  • eating healthy food, like green vegetables, nuts etc
  • avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol or chewing tobacco
  • caffeine is also said to prevent cancer but should be consumed in limited quantity.
  • be physically active, avoid prolonged exposure to sun try to using sunscreen
  • go for regular medical check ups at-least once in a year to know the status of your health and take action accordingly,
  • talk to your doctor and follow the guideline prescribed by your physician.

According to experts, around 70% of cancer cases can be prevented or detected early if taken right decisions at the right time and could have been avoided easily.

A person with good immunity is less likely to develop cancer, but that doesn’t mean that person is not at risk therefore, it is suggested to go for proper medical check up and follow a healthy regime.

Most of the cancer when detected early are curable even at stage 1 and 2, and are nothing to be panicked about.

A person having cancer should not lose hope and fight against the deadly diseases by following all the necessary steps prescribed by doctors.

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