Nature Disaster Essay in English for School Kids & Children

Nature Disaster Essay

Nature’s disaster can occur in any way and anytime. It is a phenomenon where human, property, animal life and other natural losses occur in a drastic way. Sometimes it takes a long time or even years to recover from such losses. Example of such disasters are cyclones, earthquakes, storms, floods, drought etc.

While there have been several incidents where such disasters have taken place and put lot of strain in people’s lives. There have been incidents where a whole town or whole city have been washed away. People have lost their properties, house, loved ones. Apart from materialistic loss, the loss of lives of human beings is really depressing and sad. Some people suffer from disabilities or get certain kinds of diseases especially during floods or storms where the quality of water and air deteriorates and people have no choice rather than consuming it or they are forced due to circumstances around them.

Natural disasters are unforeseen, immediate and severe, they cannot be stopped. But certain measures can be taken to prevent them or to face them. It is essential to have facilities for people who are effected from such disasters, like flood relief shelters provide shelter to people when flood occur.

Certain disasters like floods, storms, cyclones can be predicted by weather specialists, therefore necessary arrangements can be made to escape the loss of life and property. Rescue operations are to be arranged and provided in case of any loss, providing rehabilitation and long term plans for long terms are some of the necessary steps to be taken to give relief or assurance for human lives.

There are many organisations, both private and government run who help such people who are reflected by these disasters in every possible way like providing food, clothes, shelter, medical facilities etc.

Well, there is nothing we can do about natural disasters but to take preventive steps. The main reason these natural disasters occurs is sometimes due to pressure in earth’s crust or in oceans. For example flooding occur due to intensive rains or when a river bank burst due to overflow of water and water spills into the city or nearby town, washing away the living life and vegetation.

Earthquakes occur due to movement of earth’s plates in the earth crust. These plates keep moving and sometimes get stuck causing pressure and resulting in earthquake. During earthquakes, water bodies leads to tsunami, which is the most horrible natural disaster where there is tremendous loss of life, sometimes a whole town or city gets washed away due to tsunami, leading to unbearable and uncompensated loss.

One of the most common and unnoticed natural disaster is wildfire which occur in many countries especially during summer, when there is scorching heat and temperatures rise to a large extent. Sometime wildfires also occur due to lighting or thunder. These fires spread quickly damaging all the vegetation and animal life.

Natural disasters may lead to life loss. The number of lives lost and the loss occurred in terms of human life and material things like homes, transportation, property etc. depends on the severity. Fields effected through floods or tsunamis take years to reap the crop again due to tremendous amount of water or salt water especially during tsunami.

Property loss such as homes, buildings, caused due to earthquakes, cyclones, floods are beyond repair and just get washed away with the water flow. Some areas around the country are always prepared for such disasters as such things have become common for them.

Sometimes there are warnings and sometimes it is just a fraction of seconds, where no one has time to think and act accordingly. There are lots of NGOs who come up to help the people suffering from such disasters, however the loss done cannot be returned back, but at least they are being helped to cope up with the loss already done.

Many people from different parts of country come to help those people and lend out whatever they can to stabilize their lives again.

However it takes a lot of time to come to normal, but such disasters are part of life and unpredictable, scientists are trying their best to prevent such losses and save the human life as much as possible.

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