Essay on Health is Wealth in English for School Kids & Students | Health is Wealth Essay

Essay on Health is Wealth

Everyone is becoming busy day by day. It’s not like earlier days, where people had simple lifestyle, normal jobs and healthy food. Now everyone has a hectic schedule, busy lifestyle and adulterated food.

People don’t even have time to eat proper meal for a day because of their work and timings. They don’t have time to cook at home and so rely on fast foods or outside foods, knowing it is unhealthy. People still get food from outside because they do not have any other option.

In old days people used to eat a lot at the same time they used to walk miles for going to work or had public transport, even work in offices was all manual. But now people have their own vehicles due to which they walk less, office jobs have become dependent on computers and everything can be done on finger tips, due to which people spend more time sitting in front of computers thus ignoring any physical activities.

People of all age groups right from school kids to old people have become so much busy and addicted to technology that they spend hours sitting in front of computer, TV or mobiles, thus staying away from physical activities. They keep on munching all junk food to stay full and avoid hunger.


We see so many diseases around. Words like diabetes, cholesterol, BP, Heart diseases or even cancer have become common scenario, even many youngsters are suffering from these problems. A healthy person is considered as most lucky person on this earth.

Although a person is very wealthy, he must be having lakhs or millions in his bank account, but having a good health is boon. It is the most precious wealth which no one can take away from you.

Without a proper and good health, you cannot enjoy anything. You cannot travel happily, you cannot eat what you like, you have lots of restrictions on you. Once you loose your health you have almost lost the battle of life. There is no enjoyment and happiness as before. You may be cured but it is not 100%, even if you are cured, you have some restrictions in order to maintain your health or you have to be careful that you are suffering once again. This would make you dull and boring in all aspects such as financial, social, mental and physical. You are not able to do what you like and how you like, and are always  depressed and stressed.

In order to maintain a good health, it is always essential to maintain a proper diet. Try to consume home made fresh food. We see many people saying that home made food is boring, but very less people realise that is the most healthy food. The food cooked at home is hygienic, fresh and made with clean hands and ingredients. There isn’t any adulteration or dirty things in it.

One should consume all types of fresh vegetables and fruits, try to buy vegetables from a proper store, preferably organic vegetables and fruits as they do not have any pesticides or insecticides in them. They are pure and fresh and do not have any chemicals.

Avoid buying every food item shown in advertisements. Just eating right and healthy food would not suffice, along with this, one should always involve oneself in exercises, yoga, mediation or at-least walking. This would help to stay fit and active.

Just eating and sitting would make one to accumulate body fat and this would lead to many problems. Doing some sort of physical activity would burn your body fat and cholesterol and help you stay fit and healthy.

The main culprit of unhealthy life is laziness and bad habits. There is no harm in eating fast foods, but should consumed in limited quantity or once or twice in a month. Even if you are eating anything which is high in cholesterol doing some exercise would burn that cholesterol and it is not accumulated in body.

By maintaining a good health you are active and happy, you are not stressed about your future and have  a positive attitude towards life. Ignoring your health at young age and later repenting for it doesn’t make any sense.

One should always make it a habit to have a good, healthy and stress free lifestyle. It is easy to say to have stress free lifestyle but hard to maintain, one should try his best to live life without stress, proper planning and concentration would make it easier.

Practicing yoga regularly would also help you to live relive from stress. Parents must encourage kids to play and do some physical activities like running, jogging, cycling or even dancing. This would help them take a break from studies, relax and have a fresh mind.

Kids should be given a proper healthy and home made food which includes lots of green vegetables and fruits. This will have amazing benefits on their health. People of all age groups should practice these things in their life to have a proper health and that is the biggest wealth of human beings.

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