Water Pollution Essay


Essay on Water Pollution in english

Water is the most important natural resource on the earth for the survival of all living beings such as animals, plants, and humans. Life without water is impossible and no one can survive without water. Most of the part of earth is covered with water. Almost 70% of the surface of the earth consists of water.

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Water is essential to maintain the ecological balance on this planet. Water is used for many purposes such as drinking, cooking, household activities, for manufacturing and industrial purposes, etc. Millions of liters of water is needed daily worldwide for their usage and survival.

Despite water being so important for everyone, we are seeing that water is being wasted in a large way and water bodies are being polluted every now and then. It is a sad thing that even though earth is covered with water and there are lots of natural water resources, still we are facing scarcity of pure and fresh water and are struggling to get water for our basic necessities.

Water pollution is becoming a rising issue these days. With more and more industries and scientific development, we humans are not respecting the natural resources which are depleting at a faster rate. Industrial waste, garbage and other waste byproducts are being dumped into the water causing harm to the water resources.

Many pollutants are present in the water which cause pollution and deteriorate the quality of water. Tons of trash, such as plastic, steel, aluminium and many other items are being thrown into the water bodies which affect the quality of water and also harm the species present in the water, as they do not decompose and stay in the water for a long time.

Water scarcity and water pollution is a social and alarming issue. We can see so many people buy water for drinking and other purposes instead of using water from so many water bodies present on the surface of earth.

Urbanization is another cause for depletion of water resources, with more and more demand for construction activities many water bodies are being cut out and buildings are raised on it.

As the population increases, there is scarcity of water for daily usage.

There are many other causes which lead to water pollution. Causes such as dumping of garbage, washing in lakes, etc which releases soap water and other chemicals into the water affects the water quality. Polluting water harms the whole environment, plants and animals die due to non-availability of water for their consumption.

Deforestation is another major reason for water scarcity, trees help in shading the water bodies, thus preventing evaporation, cutting of trees accuse water to evaporate at a rapids rate. Soil erosion and effect in water cycle is also due to deforestation.

Many aquatic animals die every year due to harmful chemicals and garbage present in the water. Plants and trees die due to scarcity of water and due to the chemical present in the water.

Use of fertilisers, insecticides and other harmful chemicals also affect the seawater and other water resources. Scarcity of water is an alarming issue. Water is not available for basic purposes too and it raises more during the summer season. Rise in water activities, water sports, swimming pools, etc are also a reason for water scarcity.

Polluting the water and scarcity of water is due to luxurious way of life by many people around the globe. It is necessary to stop water pollution as it is leading to many dire consequences.

Utilising water in a responsible is the need of the hour. Preventing garbage dumping and industrial waste from gouging into the water bodies is necessary to protect water from many contaminants and pollutants. Planting more trees would lead to proper water cycle and more rains which would stop droughts and drying up of water bodies such as lakes and oceans and give fresh water frequently.

Access to fresh and basic water is necessity and right of every living being. Water pollution causes a lot of diseases in humans such as digestion problems, intestinal problems, etc.

Many NGOs and government agencies are spreading awareness to save the water and water resources on this planet. Rainwater harvesting, turning off taps when not in use, utilising used water for planting trees are some of the ways to save water.

There is no dearth of natural water resources on this planet, but we should be more careful and responsible in using the water and protecting them from getting contaminated or polluted. We all should come together to save this most important natural resource and save all the species on this planet.

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