Obesity Essay in English for School Kids & Children | Essay on Obesity

Obesity Essay


Obesity is a serious problem, which leads to many health issues such as diabetes, Cholesterol, BP, Heart Attack. Obesity is different from being fat. It is not necessary that every fat person is obese.

Obesity occurs when you eat more than required and especially lot of unhealthy and oily food. An obese person is one who is overweight and one doesn’t involve in any kind of physical activities or is always dull and inactive.

Whereas a fat person may look bulky because of his body organisation but is very active. Of course a fat person must be careful that he is not overweight, as he is also at the risk of becoming obese.

Obesity occurs due to many reasons. In some cases it may be genetic or it may occur due to reaction of some medicines or even it may be physiological, where some people indulge themselves in overeating when they are going through rough phase in life and do not go out much or want to meet anyone, and some other problems like thyroid or insulin intake.

Obesity has lot of negative effects in ones life. This may lead to Heart Attacks or high blood pressure. Excessive weight can raise heart rate very often, even cause blood clots from arteries and reduce blood transport to heart through vessels.

Obesity is one of the main reason for diabetes, and this is also causing harm to kids nowadays due to lack of outdoor activities and unhealthy food habits. Obesity resists hormones that regulate blood sugar levels, causing increase in risk of diabetes.

Obesity may also lead to cancer such as breast cancer, prostrate cancer. It may lead to joint pains due to excessive body fat and muscle fat, infertility, sleep apnea, asthma and many other health problems.

Due to obesity, a persons social and economic life is also at risk. People suffering from obesity are not confident and feel bad or depressed. They are often discriminated or become topic of mockery.

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There are various ways to prevent oneself from obesity. One of the best way is to follow a healthy lifestyle, do exercises, eat healthy food. Keep an eye on what are you eating, do not over eat at the same time do not starve yourself.

Keep a regular check on your weight and other factors like going for regular check ups etc. Indulge yourself in various physical activities such as walking, jogging, playing outdoor games.

Practice yoga or mediation to keep yourselves fit and stress free. Do not sit for long time, keep moving and be active. Obesity can be cured but it takes lot of time and efforts and most importantly patience.

Making dietary changes, following a strict diet, exercises, going to gym following a disciplined fitness regime would help a lot. Apart from these, there are certain pills which are prescribed by doctors for reducing obesity and these should be consumed after a proper consultation from an authorized doctor.

Last but not the least, there are few surgeries performed to remove excess body fat from the body. But even after the surgery one has to be very careful and follow strict and discipline diet and exercise or the fat may accumulate leading to obesity.

While obesity is a serious problem but it can be cured with dedication and discipline. A person with strong will power can become normal and look normal again. People who are obese since childhood, can prevent themselves from various problems occurred due to obesity and save themselves form life threatening health issues.

Being fat is not a problem unless you are healthy, fit and active. But obesity is a kind of disorder which will slowly eat away your body and make you sick.

Kids specially nowadays should be monitored properly as they spend lot of time on mobile phones and TVs and eat all junk and unhealthy food. They do not go outdoor to play or indulge in nay physical activities.

Even many youngsters both men and women are at high risk of obesity and many other problems caused by it. Always monitor your weight and plan your lifestyle accordingly.

This way you will be fit and fine and will not have to face any risks. Obesity can be prevented by taking proper care and developing healthy habits in early life right from childhood.

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