Winter Season Essay in English for School Kids & Children

Winter Season Essay


Winter season is from the month of December to February or March sometimes. It is the coldest season of all. The winter cold is at peak during the month of December and January.

In some places in northern India, it is very cold and there is snowfall due to decreasing temperatures. The temperatures goes below zero degrees or below 10 degrees and it is chilling cold. In some of the western and eastern part of India, it is not so cold and people can go out in the daylight and enjoy the warm sunlight, however nights become very cold making it impossible to stand outside.

Due to the severity of cold it really becomes very problematic to go out of the house without warm clothes. There is no sunlight for many days and it looks cloudy and gloomy. The weather becomes dull and dry, people get skin rashes due to dry weathers, skin becomes dry, dull and dark.

Apart form this there is also a kind of enjoyment in winter, where there is snowfall, people enjoy playing in snow or organize snow games which are played on ice and snow. Thus, not making it boring to sit at home due to cold temperature.

During winter season, days become short and nights becomes long. Sun sets early at the evening time, it becomes dark early and cold by the night time. People try to get early to their houses and get cozy in warm blankets and heaters. In some places it is so cold that people become sick and sometimes die as they cannot bear the cold weather, especially people who do not have proper homes or clothes.

Everyone feels lazy to get up in the mornings and go to work or schools, kids especially feel very bad and sleepy. People everywhere are seen sitting in the sunlight and wearing warm clothes. Many people keep bonfires and sit around it enjoying the warm fire to keep themselves warm.

No one comes out during the evenings and night time, they prefer to do things and all the work at the mornings at warm temperature. It is really warm and pleasant when there is sunlight and people love siting outside.

Early morning there is fog all over which looks like a blanket being thrown away in the atmosphere. Everyone has winter vacation during the month of December and it is very joyful as the whole atmosphere is filled with celebration of Christmas and New Year.

In extreme north, there is heavy snowfall making it difficult to even walk or go out in vehicles. People have to shovel snow and their vehicles to come out of the house. The snowfall is so bad that it becomes difficult to even breathe and stand for some time out side.

Kids enjoy by making snowman and snow castles. Some places arrange for winter sports like skiing, ice biking, ice hockey etc. Even if we wear all the warm clothes and cover ourselves completely with woollens, the cold make us feel as if it is pricking.

All the rivers, ponds etc. ice up and freeze due to temperatures. Animals and all wildlife migrate to a warmer or hot place. Even the birds migrate to different place searching for food or warm places. Some few animals dig out the land and go below the land where it is warm and safe.

These animals do not get any food or grass to chew, even all the leaves form trees and plants fall due to cold weather and most of the food freeze. As the animals do not have any protection on their they cannot bear the cold and so sometimes they die out of cold and no supply of food.

Apart from this, in some parts of India, there is lot of vegetation and fresh fruits and vegetables like cauliflower, beetroots, pineapple, carrots etc. which are very healthy and people make all delicious recipes with them and enjoy them hot.

People like going out in sunlight for morning walks where the air is fresh and warm. There aren’t any kind of insects or mosquitoes.

Well, with all this in northern part of India and many other parts of India, pollution levels rise tremendously in weather due to damp and wet weather. One can see a thick layer of air all around, this is pollution and harmful air, which release many harmful chemicals, making it difficult to breathe and cause many disease and breathing problems to everyone. Air Pollution in Delhi becomes a major concern during winter days.

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