Essay on Environment in English

An environment is the nature that surrounds and which helps to life grow and nourish. Environment plays a major role in our development and growth naturally. It is the most important factor for existence of life on earth.

The air we breathe, the water we use for drinking and different purposes, the food, herbs, and all the living beings, plants, and animals consist of environment.

We all know that earth is the only planet where life is possible and has the environment for the very existence and development of life. However, in the recent decades, it is being noticed that we humans are destroying environment for our selfish needs and are completely unaware of the fact that, this destruction would lead to destruction of life on the planet.

Everything in our environment is interdependent on each other, and destroying anything would lead to destruction of other. Plants and trees depend on water, water cycle is possible due to trees, all the living beings such as animals, human beings need water and plant for their survival. We human beings need fresh air to breathe.

With the advancement of technology we are becoming more and more negligent towards environment and nature. Pollution due to increase in the number of vehicles, industries, scientific advancements, etc are causing air and water pollution.

Due to which the quality of air and water are deteriorating day by day. This harmful smoke created by industries and vehicles affect our health causing many diseases. There is water scarcity around, people are buying water for their basic needs and for drinking purpose.

The polluted and recycled water with the help of chemicals is very bad for human health. This scarcity of water and air is leading to death of the entire Eco system. Many plants and animals are dying due to this problem.

Deforestation is another major issue which is disturbing the ecological balance. Cutting of trees have become a major trend in the name of urbanization and industrialization.

Without realizing that trees are the source of existence of life for many. Artificial fertilizers which have many harmful chemicals in it are destroying soil, and these chemicals are also entering in human bodies indirectly in the form of food we take.

Environment plays a significant role in our existence. It not helps in nurturing human beings, but also many other species depend on environment. Everything we use to live in a healthy and comfortable way comes from environment. Imagining life without water, air, sunlight, plants, trees is next to impossible.

Disturbing the environment and causing damage to environment is affecting lives in different ways. There are lot of health problems which are occurring due to air and water pollution, there is scarcity of water, food which is causing social and economic problems. Thousands of people are effected every year due to these issues.

Many small kids and unborn kids are being effected because of bad quality of air and lack of proper drinking water. A wrong step towards environment disturbs the whole cycle of life in the atmosphere. Human activities destroys and disturbs the environment in every possible way.

It is our duty to protect our environment for our betterment and for generations to come. We must be very careful in utilizing the natural resources.

Protecting our water resources from pollution and reducing wastage is water is very necessary to protect the water resources and for supply of water for everyone. Similarly, we must also try not to pollute our air due to vehicle emission, burning of fossil fuels, industrial smoke etc. for this planting of more plants and trees is necessary as trees absorb all the harmful gasses and give us fresh and pure air.

A clean and natural environment, would lead to a peaceful life on earth. Everyone should actively contribute in preserving natural environment and make sure that technological or scientific advancements do not disturb the ecological balance on earth.

Protecting our environment is in our hands, there are a lot of governments and private agencies who are spreading awareness among amasses to protect our environment.

As a part of these campaigns, World Environment Day is being celebrated around the world in many countries to spread awareness about the importance of environment and its impact. We all should join in such activities and promise to protect the nature as it is the most important thing for a better survival of life on this planet.

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