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Nature Essay

Nature is the most beautiful thing in the world. Nature has so many things which have been given to us for our benefits.

Nature has bestowed us with water to drink, air to breathe, trees and plants, animals. Nature is always referred to as “Mother Nature” as it gives us many things useful for our survival and daily usage and in return, does not expect anything apart from some respect and protection.

Apart form these there are so many scenic and beautiful things in nature to see, such as hills, valleys, mountains, greenery, rivers etc. Nature has tremendous power and keeps changing. There is sunset, sunrise, it becomes cloudy suddenly, it rains, sometimes its hot sometimes cold.

The sky keeps changing its colors and clouds come and go. There are may poems ad songs written to specify the beauty of nature. It is said many patients suffering from depression or any other serious ailments recover when they are in nature and enjoy beauty of nature in a pleasant and calm atmosphere.

Therefore nature is not useful for our materialistic necessities, but is also useful for our peace of mind and giving us the ultimate happiness and health.

All these beautiful creations are given by God for human beings to enjoy and utilize them. One should not destroy the beauty of nature and should strive to conserve it. It is because of the nature that we are able to breathe, have water to drink, the changing seasons are essential for human development and crops to grow.

The numerous trees present in nature are helpful to human beings in different ways and for many purposes both for daily use and medicinal purposes. Nature has the power to help and nourish human life in different ways.

Therefore it is our duty to respect and con-severe natural things for our betterment and betterment of future generations. Nature is very important for all living beings, it is useful for human as well as animal life. It provides us pure air to breathe, water to drink and for our daily utilisation, plants provide many medicinal properties and food, trees are used for numerous purposes like paper, building material and many other daily usage products come from wood.

Parents should encourage children to see and enjoy the nature and should teach them ways of preserving nature by proper maintenance and  cleanliness. One should not cut off tress for our selfish needs, as cutting down of trees will not reduce good air and oxygen but it will also make many weather changes like there will not be proper rains and water scarcity will be at peak due to this.

We should also be careful while utilizing water, as wasting water is extremely dangerous thing. As water is already becoming scarce and slowly we will have to buy water for daily purposes. One must enjoy nature with disturbing the ecological balance, it must be kept clean and protected and prevented from any form of destruction.

When we do not waste water and use it carefully it would remain and even grow more, when we stop deforestation and protect trees, it gives us clean and pure air to breathe.

We must strive to protect our nature, planting more trees and stopping deforestation would help in pure air and stop soil erosion. Protect oceans and rivers as they are the source of water on this earth. We must stop being selfish and think about nature as our own mother or family member.

Proper protection and care of mother nature would give us a good and better life to us and our future generations or everything would be destroyed and people have to suffer for every minute things like water, air etc. and depend on all artificial things, which are not good for human existence. In this way, slowly human and living beings would extinguish from earth and our planet would become like desert.

This responsibility lies with human beings, as we are the ultimate users of everything that nature has, including every minute plant and trees, water etc.

We must take care of nature and do everything possible to protect and make this plant earth a beautiful place to live and survive for all living beings.

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