Conservation of Nature Essay in English for School Kids & Children

Conservation of Nature Essay

Nature or natural resources are air, water, land, vegetation etc. The whole nature is equipped with beautiful sceneries, wildlife, water bodies, rivers hills etc. Conservation of these resources or nature is essential, not only for human life but all the living beings, wildlife, plants and trees.

Nature has given has many things for our survival and utilization. Conserving these things is our basic responsibility. In the present times, human activities have become such that there has been a serious threat to nature and its resources.

Many natural resources are diminishing slowly due to human behavior and selfish needs. If we do not act to protect the natural resources, we are going to face a huge loss in terms of our survival. Future generations are going to suffer a lot due to scarcity of water, non availability of fresh air to breathe and non availability of proper and fresh food due to lack of vegetation.

Impact like no rain, droughts, scarcity of water, global warming is already on rise due to our irresponsibility and the way we behave and treat the environment. Cutting of trees, deforestation has lead to bad quality of air and other harmful chemicals in the air.

Polluting water bodies, rather cutting down rivers have lead to scarcity of water so much that people are buying water for daily consumption and usage. Pollution has become such a common concept that this is causing serious threat to human lives and health.

People pollute land, water, air tremendously and this has lead to deaths of many humans beings and animal life. Conservation of nature is a serious issue and must be acted quickly upon. Well, the loss has already happened in a tremendous way and it cannot be taken back, but it is essential to take steps to preserve what is remaining and if possible try to gain more. These things can be done by various ways like planting trees, cleaning water bodies etc.

Many government agencies from all over the world and NGOs are working on preserving the nature and taking steps to make people aware of the harm that is being caused due to disasters caused by polluting the nature.

Some of the ways in which we can help to conserve nature for future generations is by

  • planting more trees
  • reducing deforestation and cutting of trees
  • not polluting water bodies by throwing garbage, plastic and spiting harmful chemicals into the rivers or oceans
  • not wasting water for daily use
  • taking care of animal life and not hunting them for different commercial purpose
  • saving electricity by switching off fans and lights or other electric equipment when not in use
  • use recycled products
  • use less plastic as plastic does not gets destroyed by its own and has to burnt, which leads to many harmful chemicals in the air.

It is essential to conserve vegetation, wildlife and natural habitat without any human interference. Government has taken many steps to protect wildlife and preservation of such animals. There are strict policies to preserve the animals. Conserving the nature leads to sustainable development and survival of future generations in secured way.

It takes efforts from both communities and individuals. This is possible only when each and everyone participate in these efforts and act in an Eco friendly manner. Therefore proper and careful utilisation of resources is essential for sustainable living and a beautiful and friendly nature.

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